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Plantain Chips
  • Sabor a ajo - garlic
  • Ligeramente saladito - Lightly Salted - Légèrement salé
  • Sabor a limón - lemon
  • Maduritos - Naturally Sweet - Naturellement Sucré
  • Maduro saladito - Ripe Salty - Mur Salé
  • Picante - Hot Spicy - Épicé

Thin flakes carefully selected banana, delicately cooked and processed by hand low stringent quality standards in different flavors:
Lightly salted, Naturally sweet, Spacy, Ajo, Lemon and Ripe Salty.
It is consumed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to dishes.

Presentation: 2.75oz (78g)
Units in box: 24
Packing: Corrugated cardboard box.

Selected plantain,
Vegetable oil,
Natural flavor.

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